Preparation for DELF exams

How to learn to understand French texts by ear? How to answer questions from examiners? How to write an essay, writing or synthesis for the highest possible score? And the most important thing: how to prepare and successfully pass the DELF?

We have answers to all these questions., because all our teachers have gone this way.


Which exam is right for me?

There are two main exams:

  • Digging (Diploma in French Studies) and includes A1 levels, A2, B1, B2, as well as
  • Dalf (Advanced Diploma in French) C1, C2 and confirms fluency in French (see table for details).

But there are also such types:

  • DELF for everyone - the most popular exam for almost all purposes is taken precisely by him, suitable for any age.
  • DELF Prim - for children from 8 to 12 years old. This exam gives children the opportunity to prove their knowledge at the initial stage of learning French..
  • DELF Junior - for teenagers 12 to 17 years old. The exam has the same assignments, as in DELF tout public, but within the scope, teenagers of interest.
  • DELF Pro – for professional purposes. The exam is designed for those, who's going work in a French speaking environment.

How we prepare for the DELF exams?

Exam preparation method is based on our personal experience. We know what to pay attention to, how to prepare, for you to successfully pass the DELF/DALF exams. Worth noticing, what is a private course, tailor-made for your level, with the development of all skills: from listening, reading, letters before speaking.

From the first lesson we start listening and watching a lot of videos in French. We find the most interesting and relevant reports by subject, which are most often used in such exams, and prepare tasks for them. We analyze vocabulary and compile a glossary on the topic of the video, which we then use in conversation. The biggest secret our students don't know about is, that we take the video a little harder in level. Everything for that, to make it easy for them on the exam.

During the lesson, the teacher pays attention to grammar, which needs repetition and more training. It is very important, as the examiners will definitely note, if you use complex structures, timing, subjunctive or conditional moods.

We pay special attention to the development of writing and speaking skills.. We train each type of writing with special precision: parse the structure, writing features, types of links in a sentence. We talk not only about topics, that are present in the audio tasks, and learn to answer questions, so that the student can defend his point of view, gave an example, told a story from his experience. To do this, we often ask home tasks to find additional information., for example, how garbage is sorted in France and Ukraine?

The key to successfully passing such exams is a good knowledge of the structure, training for each task. We take all this into account when preparing for classes..

What textbooks do we use when preparing for Delf?

We don't focus on one tutorial, as you can find useful tasks in different sources. As a basis, we take textbooks from such publishers.: CLE International, Didier and Hachette, but most of the tasks we make ourselves.

How long is the course?

Optimal preparation time 2-3 once a week for 2-3 months before the exam. It is possible to prepare as in our school, and remotely (on Skype, Messenger).

DELF/DALF diplomas are valid worldwide. They don't have an expiration date., unlike many international English exams. It's a serious task, which requires regular training to prepare.

It is not enough to know French well, since the structure of the exam at each level is quite specific. Therefore, if you are learning French from scratch or you are still far from the level, which you want to take - we advise you to first tighten up your French, this can be done on our French courses online, and then sign up with us to prepare for DELF.

Besides, all our students, who work with us in a group and individually, we gradually direct and train in order to, so that in the future they will also pass the DELF/DALF exams.

Sign up for the first lesson, if you want to get quality preparation for DELF/DALF.


Feedback from our students on preparing for the DELF French exams at Ecole

We will make DELF preparation easier and more efficient!

You will practice taking the exam in real conditions and prepare well for this important day..

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