Our method

Our method

When did we start learning French?, he seemed very difficult to us, with many rules and exceptions, which, at first sight, impossible to remember. We could not understand the rules for using subjonctif and conditionnel, confused times and forgot about coordination. But when the teaching phase began, we got it - french is easy!

The main thing is the right approach, through which the "complex" can be simplified, categorize and help others think and speak French!

How do we learn vocabulary?

Learning vocabulary is an integral part of mastering any foreign language.. We parse those words, that are relevant to your area of ​​interest, professions, age, correspond to the level of French proficiency and many other factors, that concern you.

If you are a doctor, then we will definitely learn professional terms, so you can talk about your work. If you are a vegetarian, then we will analyze this topic and learn vocabulary, which will help you to tell about yourself. What if you love Marvel movies?, then at the end of the course you can easily talk about your favorite superhero.

To quickly master the French language, we compose phrases-models. Based on models, you can immediately use vocabulary and grammar in conversation.


How do we learn grammar?

In addition to the above methods of studying vocabulary and grammar in the complex, we organize grammar battles and competitions, learn grammar in songs and videos and train in conversation.

We help to remove the language barrier, using the mediation method. This method allows students to speak in pairs., and the teacher fixes their mistakes, but does not interfere in the conversation.

Thus, Our students are amazed: "We spoke French 20 minutes without stopping and understood each other!» Then the teacher works with students on their mistakes on the basis of grammar exercises.

What else do we do?

We are for it, to make the learning process not only interesting, but also become a part of your life, your pleasant memory. Therefore, we conduct thematic lessons. Together with the students we choose a topic (for example, theater, comics, etc), learning vocabulary and grammar, and then we create our theatrical performance in French, draw your own comic, using French cues. Thus, we create a bright image around the lesson, thanks to which the student learns French as a hobby.

Besides, from the very first lessons we introduce communication with the native speaker. For example, learn how to talk about yourself, and at the end of the lesson 10-20 minutes talking with the native, where does he ask you those questions, which we have learned. So, You get used to French pronunciation from the first course.

Together with our students we visit the theater, cinema and other events, related to France, French language and culture.

We are always in touch and, so, we are working on additional material outside the lesson in Viber, Telegram, answering any student questions, help with homework.

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