Preparation for the DELE A1 exams, A2, B1, B2

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Achieve your dream DELE points*

*Or we will refund the money for the course, if the expected result is not obtained.

**Subject to regular classes and timely and conscientious completion of all homework.

Preparation for DELE exams

If you want to prepare for the DELE A1 exams, A2, B1, B2 - we will help you with this!

Already more 150 of our students successfully passed the DELE and achieved their professional goals!

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DELE stands for "Diploma de Espanol como Lengua Extranjera" - "Diploma in Spanish as a Foreign Language". This is an international exam., confirming the level of knowledge of the Spanish language.

The DELE exam is required for all subjects, who is going to start their studies in Spain or take a new position in a Spanish company. It is administered by the Instituto Cervantes at DELE examination centers around the world.. On its basis, an official certificate of the Ministry of Education is issued, culture and sports of Spain, which has been recognized by a number of companies and institutions around the world for a long time. This exam requires thorough preparation., regular classes with a professional teacher, because the task structure is very specific.

Why prepare for DELE with us?

What do we offer?

  • Individual online lessons in Zoom or Skype duration 60 minutes 1 on 1 with a teacher. No need to go anywhere - you can study from anywhere in the world and from any device with Internet access;
  • Spanish language teachers C1-C2. They themselves passed all these exams, so they will tell all the tricks and share their own life hacks, how best to prepare for them;
  • Sample Exercises exam – you will prepare directly from textbooks with examples of DELE tasks. Even if you speak and write well in Spanish, after our preparing for the DELE you will know the specifics of this exam, so it will be easier to answer questions and understand, what is expected of you in specific assignments.
  • Monthly payment. Unfortunately, We cannot pay separately for each lesson 🙁

1 on 1 with a teacher

Lessons online (Skype/Zoom)

Lesson duration 60 minutes

Payment for lessons per month

We prepare for DELE to levels:

A1 Designed for those, who are at the initial stage of learning Spanish. He confirms, that the student, using spanish, be able to deal with situations, that relate to urgent needs, everyday situations and the most common topics.

A2 Confirms, that the student is able to understand sentences and common everyday expressions, related to areas, which are especially important to him. (basic information about yourself, to his family, shopping, attractions, classes).

B1 – Indicates the presence of language skills, sufficient to understand and adequately respond to the most common everyday situations, expressing wants and needs at a basic level:

  • understanding the basics of texts, if they are relevant, work-related, study, entertainment;
  • Ability to handle most situations on your own, what you may encounter while traveling in Spanish-speaking countries;
  • creating simple and concise texts on topics, related to everyday life and interests;
  • description of your experience, events, wishes or intentions, brief justification or explanation of opinions and plans.

B2confirms that, that the student has sufficient qualifications and language skills to communicate freely under normal conditions:

  • fluent and natural communication with native speakers without much effort on both sides;
  • editing clear and detailed texts on various topics in Spanish, substantiating a point of view or arguments "for" and "against";
  • understanding the main ideas in complex texts on specific or abstract topics in a known field.

How is the DELE preparation going??

Our teachers teach students, based on my personal experience, on the basis of which they successfully passed the exam. Each student is guaranteed an individual approach and the creation of an author's program in accordance with his level of knowledge, skills and degree of perception of information.

From the first lesson you will:


Lots of listening and watching videos in Spanish language on topics, presented on the exam, create your own glossary of phrases and phrases.

Using constructions of your level

Train in the correct use of complex structures, inclinations and coordination of times, taking into account the nuances, which examiners pay the most attention to.

Speaking and writing

Speak and write clearly in structure. Because in order for the examiner to rate your speaking and writing higher, must follow a certain structure.. reason, defend your point of view and competently answer questions on topics, which will definitely be in the DELE exam.

Text comprehension

You will learn to see the key points in the text, separate the minor from the major, to correctly answer questions related to the understanding of Spanish texts.

Frequently asked Questions
about preparing for the DELE exam

Practice and results of our students show, that preparation for the DELE should begin at least, than for 2-3 months before the due date. Given that, that your level roughly corresponds to that, for which you want to donate. We will not teach from zero to B2 level in 3 months. This is impossible. If you want to learn a language from scratch, we advise you to start with our usual Spanish course.

We recommend exercising 2-3 times per week 1 time in skype, zoom or in any messenger convenient for you.

For any, but it is better to pass according to your level of knowledge. This is a guarantee of successful passing the exam and obtaining a certificate..
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