French levels. What you need to know at each level from A1 to C2?

So, you have decided to learn one of the most beautiful languages ​​in the world - French. It remains to determine your current level of language proficiency and understand, to what level do you want to raise it. We will help you with this today.!

(elementary level)

Level A1 Debutant

This is basic, initial level of language proficiency. Allows you to communicate with the interlocutor on the simplest topics (the ability to present yourself and others, tell a little about yourself, ability to ask simple questions and express simple requests).

Level knowledge and skills:

  • knowledge of the alphabet and prime numbers;
  • knowledge of phonetics, reading ability;
  • knowledge of basic phrases and questions to them (the name of, How many years, where does he live, who works, what time is it etc);
  • ability to fill out simple questionnaires, write simple congratulations.

In order to master this level of the language, you will need 80-120 hours.

(Elementary advanced level)

Level A2 Pre-Intermediaire

It implies the expansion of vocabulary relative to the level A1, expansion of the subject of communication (trips, job search, visiting public places, etc.)

Level knowledge and skills:

  • knowledge of simple sections of grammar (e.g. future tense of verbs, comparative forms of adjectives);
  • understanding of some words and the most common phrases by ear;
  • understanding simple short texts;
  • ability to write simple letters and fill out standard documents;
  • using simple phrases and sentences when communicating.

To go to level A2 you need 120-160 hours of study.

(Average level)

Level B1 Intermediate

At this level, there is a transition from formulaic phrases and sentences to independent use of the language.. Significantly expands vocabulary and topics of communication. Complex sections of grammar are being studied.

Level knowledge and skills:

  • the use of more complex speech turns and lexical constructions;
  • ability to read and understand adapted texts;
  • ability to write simple connected texts;
  • understanding what is being said on most radio- and TV shows about current events;
  • the ability to participate in dialogues on topics familiar to you without preparation (like a hobby, travel, work and so on);
  • skills of building coherent statements about life events, personal feelings and dreams,
  • ability to retell, What is the movie or book about?, tell a short life story.

150-200 it will take hours to get to this level.

(Intermediate advanced level)

Уровень B2 Upper Intermediate

At this level, the skills of building complex lexical and grammatical phrases are developed.. Expands vocabulary by learning more complex words and narrow topics of communication.

Level knowledge and skills:

  • fluent speech;
  • the ability to arbitrarily express one's thoughts and express one's point of view, take part in discussions;
  • understanding the content of most movies and TV shows;
  • free reading of fiction and journalism, as well as simple scientific literature on familiar topics;
  • business correspondence skills, write essays and reports.

To master the B2 level, it will take 170-220 class hours.

(Professional level)

Level C1 Préavancé

At this level of language proficiency, it becomes possible to freely communicate with a native speaker on any topic, the use of complex lexical constructions and turns of speech in speech. Free reading and understanding of French literature.

Level knowledge and skills:

  • free communication with native speakers;
  • almost fluent understanding of any films and TV shows in French;
  • understanding of large complex artistic, scientific, technical and other texts;
  • the ability to spontaneously and fluently express their thoughts using a variety of linguistic means;
  • Ability to explain complex topics clearly and concisely;
  • building clear and logical writing, perfect knowledge of grammar.

It will take up to 240 hours of study.

(Highest professional level)

Level C2 Avancé

The final stage in language learning. Assumes fluency in the language, the ability to express one's thoughts orally and in writing on any topic. Perfect command of French grammar and vocabulary. This level allows you to work as a French teacher or translator.

Level knowledge and skills:

  • fluent understanding of any spoken language;
  • the ability to spontaneously engage in dialogue on any topic;
  • fluent understanding of texts of any type and complexity;
  • the ability to speak freely and persuasively;
  • logical construction of oral and written speech, using complex idioms, grammatical constructions and all necessary language tools;
  • ability to write any complex texts, including scientific, technical and business.

It will take up to 240 hours.


Of course, impossible to predict exactly, how long does it take for a single person to move to the next level of language proficiency. It all depends on the motivation to study., existing knowledge base (knowledge of other foreign languages) and personal inclinations.

The number of study hours per week/month also plays an important role.. If a person takes a long break from learning and practicing a language, sometimes, in order to continue learning, a repetition of previously covered material is required, because it is partially forgotten.

But nothing is impossible, Anyone can learn French. And with our French course and talented teachers, we will make the process of learning French as interesting and simple as possible. Good luck with your studies!

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