Why learn French?

11 good reasons why learn french

Least, this process develops thinking and memory, as a maximum – gives a lot of new possibilities. But a lot depends on, what language is being studied.

1. French is a language, spoken all over the world

Along with English, French is very popular. Although not international, but it is spoken almost in 70 countries. to a person, learner of this language, comfortable trips to many states in terms of communication will be available. Wondering, why learn french, should pay attention to this factor..

On all five continents, French is spoken over 220 million people. French is the second most spoken language after English, the sixth most widespread in the world and it is taught on all continents.

Interesting, that French is also the second most learned language in the world. First went to English.

2. career asset

The ability to speak French is an advantage for finding work in many international companies, using French as a working language.

And even if the level is still low, the very fact of studying will be a significant plus when choosing your candidacy.

France, world's fifth largest economy, attracts entrepreneurs, researchers and top international students.

3. Introduction to the cultural universe

France is often considered the language of culture. A French lesson is more than just language learning, it's a journey into the world of fashion, gastronomy, art, architecture and science.

This means being able to watch movies and series in French: hear the voices of actors Alain Delon or Juliette Binoche. As well as the pleasure of understanding the words of French songs performed by Edith Piaf or Charles Aznavour and even singing them yourself.

This is the language of the great philosophers (Descartes, Sartre and Derrida and others) and eminent scientists (Pierre and Marie Curie, Pasteur, George Sharpak et al.).

4. Study in France

Higher education institutions in many countries, including France, accept people only with knowledge of French at level B2, having confirmed the level with an international exam DELF/DALF. It is possible to get the highest level diploma, improve your communication skills in french. For many, this is the answer to the question., why learn french.

Knowledge of French opens up opportunities for higher education at some of the most famous universities in France (Sorbonne, Pierre Marie Curie University and others) or at the elite grandes écoles schools (HEC, Polytechnic, ESSEC), often on very favorable terms. Students with a good level of French can apply for a French government grant to enter a postgraduate program of their choice in France, and it is an internationally recognized postgraduate study.

5. Language, which helps in learning other languages

Linguists have established, that learning French is an excellent base for learning other languages. Based on it, Romance languages ​​are much better. (Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Romanian), as well as English, since over half of modern English vocabulary comes from French. So he can be a good start.

6. Reading books in the original

No translation will replace the original, because only in the original form of the work can you catch everything to the smallest detail, what the author wanted to convey. Knowledge of French – this is an opportunity to read in the original the work of the great French writers, like Victor Hugo or Marcel Proust, and famous poets, like Charles Baudelaire or Jacques Prevert.

7. Trips

France is the largest tourist destination in the world and attracts more than 79,5 million visitors. The ability to speak at least a little French makes visiting Paris and all regions of France much more pleasant. (from the mild climate of the Côte d'Azur to the snow-capped peaks of the Alps through the rugged coastline of Brittany). You can learn more about French culture, mentality and lifestyle, knowing the language.

That is why knowledge of French, even at a basic or conversational level, make travel more interesting. Tourists are much more comfortable, when he has the opportunity to communicate without problems. Since many native French people can even pretend, who do not know English, and stubbornly continue to speak French.

Here are just some of the states, where knowledge of this language is useful:

  • Seychelles;
  • Monaco;
  • many African countries;
  • Canada;
  • Switzerland.

8. Paris is a trendsetter all over the world

Visit Paris – the dream of many. Including visit fashion shows and all places and events, related. And it's much easier to do it, if it is easy to communicate and understand the locals. There are different reasons to study French in depth., and this – one of them.

9. The language of international relations

French is both a working language and an official language of the United Nations, European Union, UNESCO, NATO, International Olympic Committee, International Red Cross and international courts. Knowing French is important for anyone, who plans a career in any international organization.

10. Lots of sharing options

It is easy for students to connect with French-speaking people of their own age as pen pals or online. There are many different exchange programs in France, that offer rewarding experiences. Thousands of French schools around the world create educational links.

11. Language diversity

Proficiency in French makes an important contribution to preserving linguistic diversity in the world and avoiding the exclusive dominance of one language in today's globalized world..

Where to learn French?

To learn a language quickly, it is important to choose the right methodology and courses. This directly depends, How successful will the outcome be?.

We offer:

  • French courses online with training programs for people with different levels of knowledge and amount of free time.
  • Moderate prices.
  • Various learning speed options.
  • Choice of teachers.

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Frequently asked Questions

There are several ways to study: independently on materials, that you find on the internet; with a teacher online.

If you don't want to think about, how to design your own curriculum, be sure that, that you pronounce the word correctly when learning French; and you don’t want to force yourself to open the textbook every time with torment - then, certainly, you'd better learn French with an experienced teacher. With him you will have an individually tailored program, schedule and classes, which you will be embarrassed to miss, since the teacher expects a result from you and if you do not come to the lesson (without warning in advance) - it burns.

And this is a great way to always be motivated.. Apart from that, that teachers are passionate about their work and involuntarily love for the French language will pass to you. So, if you want to be sure of the result and achieve it quickly, it is better to study the language in courses Ecole.

There are so many ways to learn French. Watch films, listen to songs, learn by barter, but the most effective method is to study French courses. You can read more about all these methods in our article. How to learn french fast?»

The hardest step is getting started. Of course, the simplest and fastest solution is to study with experienced teachers using a proven methodology. Therefore, we invite you to apply for a trial lesson, to take the first step towards speaking French.

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