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French courses at Ecole school are:

Lessons 1 on 1 with a teacher

Our courses are private lessons with a teacher.. Practice has shown, what is the most effective way to learn a language.

8 years of experience

Already 8 years teaching students from all over the world, who want to speak French

+1000 students

More than passed through us 1000 students, who have already achieved their language goals: spoke French or passed DELF for admission to a French university.

Individual approach

Themes, additional teaching materials are selected individually for each student, depending on your goals and interests.

90% French lesson

In our lessons, we try to completely immerse you in the language sphere., for you to even start think in french.

Flexible schedule

You can reschedule classes and make your schedule flexible, practice at different times every week. The only thing, the main thing is to notify the teacher the day before the lesson, otherwise the job will burn out 🙁

Prices for a French course

Trial lesson

At a trial French lesson, you and your teacher:

- meet and discuss goals

- determine your level of knowledge (if before that you studied the language)

- learn new material and work through it, get homework

Lesson lasts 60 minutes, it will be a complete job..

350 UAH

8 classes

- lesson 60 minutes

- The program is fully customized for you.

- We also try to adjust the schedule to suit you.

- lessons in any service convenient for you (Zoom, Skype, GoogleMeet and others)

- free materials (send online)

3500 UAH

12 classes

- lesson 60 minutes

- The program is fully customized for you.

- We also try to adjust the schedule to suit you.

- lessons in any service convenient for you (Zoom, Skype, GoogleMeet and others)

- free materials (send online)

4990 UAH

✅ Take a trial lesson first, so that you are convinced of our training format, in the program and what do you like the teacher. And after that - you need to pay for classes for a month.

📌 If you don't like the trial lesson, we are in 100% money back amount. Purchased subscription fees are non-refundable..


How is the lesson?



The teacher shares the screen and first explains the new material. Learning from modern French textbooks (e.g. Edito, Tout va bien and others) + thematic presentations, use diagrams and pictures for visual perception. Audio is also used- and video materials. All materials and tutorials online, the teacher will send you. ✨


Working off

Then you do exercises together to consolidate the new material. (in text, audio or video formats). Learn new vocabulary and practice it in conversation.



At the end of the lesson, you get homework for self-reinforcement. D / z can be written / oral(learn the dialogue). You can do it electronically, as well as writing in a notebook, take pictures and send to the teacher. Here is how you feel more comfortable

Advantages of French courses at Ecole School

Our main rules

All lessons are online

All classes are online. In Zoom, Skype, GoogleMeet or other - whatever suits you!

Materials - free!

You don't need to buy any textbooks, because we will send you all materials online!

We are always in touch!

In addition to the teacher, a personal manager is assigned to you, who answers your questions 9:00 to 22:00. Feel free to ask!

preparation for DELF

floating chart

Because of, that the lessons are private, we can make a floating schedule and adjust the time of the lessons for you.

Program adaptation

We tailor the program for you. This is influenced: your current language level, how fast do you pick up new material, how do you perceive it better (aurally or visually), your goals and interests

A trial lesson is a complete lesson!

We do not ask you to pay for a trial lesson for nothing.. After all, it's a complete job., which lasts 60 minutes! You will not only meet the teacher, but you will also get the first knowledge and have time to practice it properly.


Feedback from our students about French courses at Ecole

French levels

French proficiency gradation. Find out what you need to know for each level:

level A1 – courses A1

Level A1

At this level of French, you have to know the word order…

A2 courses

Level A2

You understand certain sentences and expressions, related…

B1 course

Level B1

You have already argued your point of view not only…

B2 course

Level B2

You can already watch movies and read books on…

C1 course

Level C1

This is free communication with a native speaker, understanding his speech, usage…

C2 course

Level C2

Also fluency in the language, the ability to talk to any chosen…

welcome to

French courses online

If you want to speak French, Ecole French courses are just right for you..

With us already through 2 month you will speak on basic topics and be able to tell about yourself. Visiting restaurants, landing at the airport, Finding the right attractions in French-speaking countries will no longer be a challenge, because you can easily explain yourself and be able to fully enjoy the French atmosphere.

The cost of French courses includes all the necessary materials, nothing extra needs to be added. Also worth noting, that in our French courses we take as a basis not only the textbook, but also various audio- and video- materials, we listen to songs and take into work excerpts from French films. We have a unique method of learning a language, which is based on the construction of model phrases and repetition.

Lessons are held in a friendly atmosphere. Our goal is to speak! We are not afraid to make mistakes, because the more mistakes we make, the faster we will speak French correctly! After all, as the French proverb says: "A rolling stone gathers no moss" (pierre ki rudder namas pa mus), which in translation means - water does not flow under a lying stone.

French courses means Ecole!


check expectations

What to Expect from Online French Lessons at Ecole?

Classes are taking place 1 on 1 with a teacher, so 100% attention is paid only to you. That's why, our lessons are the most effective. You don't have to wait for the rest of the class to understand the material being explained., and as soon as you figured it out yourself, you and the teacher move on! After all, the teacher adapts the program to your pace and even interests.. Ecole French courses will make your lessons as effective as possible, because all our teachers work for the result.

After a trial lesson, a manager and a teacher are assigned to you, who are always in touch on Viber, Telegram or Whats'Up. You can discuss homework questions, French in general or just to chat🤓

In our online French courses, beginners watch videos as early as the 4th lesson, can read small letters, answer them and sing French songs by your favorite artists.

We are proud of the success of each of our students. Many have successfully passed their exams. DELF, many learned the language and moved to France, others made their dream come true, having spoken French and now feel free in a French-speaking environment.

Therefore, if you want to speak this language easily and with pleasure, then Ecole French courses are just for you..

What's the motivation?

How to find motivation, to learn french?

Motivation – this is the key, which will direct you to study and allow you to achieve faster success in learning French.

Many people forget, why do they even study. Some don't set any specific goals at all.. Lack of visible results is the most common reason for, that classes are skipped more and more often, and eventually students drop out of language learning.

GROUP 4 tips to motivate you to learn french

If there is no motivation – it's fixable and we can prove it. There are several ways, which will help you solve this problem. We have compiled a small guide, which will help you quickly motivate yourself to master a new language:

Council No 1: Step by step

Step by step – or small steps to success. If you study every day 5 French words, it means, that in a week you already know 35 dictionary words, and in a month – around 150! Sometimes it's good to motivate yourself to learn, building the “big picture” and answering the question: “What will I get from this after a month of training?”. Thanks to the lessons 20-40 minutes 2 days a week, you can see progress in a month.

Council No 2: Planner in hand!

Everything is simple: I need motivation to study – i make a planner! A notepad will come in handy, notebook or favorite calendar. It is best to write in bold, what should you do. After that, be sure to delete all, what have you already done. Specify goals, timing and reward, that motivates you not to give up on language learning. And believe, it really works!

Council No 3: Get rid of distractions!

Do not wonder, if your workplace is surrounded by "temptations" – smartphone, laptop or radio on. And on top of everything, they all make sounds, reminiscent of that, to you, God forbid, didn't miss something important! At the time of study (for example, 25 minutes of class), turn off all distractions and put aside. We focus on the task at hand and forget about multitasking – this is an outdated concept and completely unsuitable for efficient organization of working time, promoting motivation for learning!

Council No 4: Be on the same wavelength with the teacher

And the last tip, the most important thing is to study with the right teacher. After all, the more interesting the lesson is, the more desirable you will go to classes. Here at Ecole, when you apply, after clarifying your goals, level and preferences - our manager selects a teacher, which suits you best. So that you are on the same wavelength with him, because then training in 1000 times nicer and more efficient. When you like classes and a teacher, motivation does not disappear anywhere.

Summing up. Motivation – it is a very important engine, which will allow you to learn French faster. With the right motivation, your lessons will pass quickly even after the first two months, you can achieve results, dreamed about for so long. Don't put off your language learning – start learning french as soon as possible!

Frequently asked Questions

Learning from modern French textbooks (e.g. Edito, Tout va bien and others) + thematic presentations, we also use specially prepared diagrams and pictures for visual perception. Audio is also used- and video materials. All materials and tutorials online, the teacher will send you, You don't need to buy anything separately

2 months from the date of the first subscription lesson.

If you or the teacher is sick, we are extending the subscription for this period.

Yes, certainly! If your plans change, you can reschedule. The main thing is to do it in the evening, otherwise the lesson will be destroyed.

What if the teacher doesn't reschedule the lesson?, then we will give you this lesson for free!

Yes. After a trial lesson, a teacher is assigned to you and then you will study only with him. If, certainly, you don't want to change it for any reason. Replacing a teacher is free.

Our French courses start at a price 3500 UAH/per month. it 8 classes in 60 minutes. Zoom lessons, Skype or GoogleMeet 2 once a week.

It depends, what level are you now. But if from scratch, then with regular classes and doing all the homework - reach B2 in 2 years is quite a reasonable time.

If you need results and effective training, speak french without 5 years old, and after six months of classes, flexible schedule, if you want to reschedule classes or if you want, so that an individual program is compiled for you, then our French courses are definitely for you.

Yes, we provide a certificate of completion of the level subject to successful passing of the test.

Yes. We work from Monday to Sunday from 8:00 to 22:00. The first lesson may be 8:00, and the last one in 21:00.

We work on Google Meet, Zoom, Skype. Or if some other platform is convenient for you, we can consider your option.

Depending on the number of lessons, conversational French can be mastered in just 6 months. However, for a more complete study of the language – including a higher level of grammar and vocabulary – usually requires several years of study and practice, to understand and speak French fully. Learning online or offline doesn't matter.. How can you learn French equally effectively?. It all depends on how strong your desire to speak is and how much you are willing to work on the language..

Of course! The Internet has made it possible to learn languages ​​anywhere and anytime.. And our school has everything, to learn french from scratch. Online study, even more interesting, as it is possible to use interactive exercises in training, use audio and video materials, play games and more.

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