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We will help you learn the language and finally speak English. Leave a request and choose the most convenient time for classes.

Advantages of English courses at Ecole School


Lessons 1 on 1

Ecole English courses are private lessons 1 on 1. All attention of the teacher is for you! Don't wait for other students in the class to understand the material, which you have known for a long time. Or vice versa, won't rush you, if you need to repeat the topic again.


Convenient schedule

We value your time, so we adjust the time of the lessons for you.



No connection to place. English courses take place online. In Zoom, Skype, GoogleMeet or other services - as you wish!


Before buying a course, you can try our classes - buy a trial lesson.

Trial lesson

At a trial English lesson, you and the teacher:

- Meet and discuss goals

- Determine your level of knowledge (if before that you studied the language)

- Gain knowledge and have time to practice it properly.

This is a complete job., which lasts 60 minutes.

350 UAH

After the trial lesson, you have to pay monthly. Here are the subscription options:


- 2 once a week

- In the group until 4 human

- lesson 60 minutes

- free materials (send online)

1800 UAH

Because of the war in Ukraine, our online groups are not recruited and we have closed the recruitment 🙁

But we continue to work in the format of individual lessons online!

Support our Ukrainian teachers and sign up soon!

8 classes

- lesson 60 minutes

- The program is fully customized for you.

- We also try to adjust the schedule to suit you.

- lessons in any service convenient for you (Zoom, Skype, GoogleMeet and others)

- free materials (send online)

3500 UAH

12 classes

- lesson 60 minutes

- The program is fully customized for you.

- We also try to adjust the schedule to suit you.

- lessons in any service convenient for you (Zoom, Skype, GoogleMeet and others)

- free materials (send online)

4990 UAH

If you don't like the trial lesson, we are in 100% money back amount.

how everything works

What is important to know?

  • English lessons are held individually 1 on 1 with a teacher
  • Our courses are suitable for adults and children from 6 years old.
  • English lessons take place online in Zoom, Google Meet or Skype.
  • Lessons last for 60 i.
  • All our teachers are experienced teachers with C1 knowledge level, TOEFL certificates above 80 points or IELTS with a score from 7
  • Online teacher support
  • No need to buy textbooks and no additional materials, we will send it to you electronically.

Feedback from our students

we also have an advanced English course

English for advanced

Ecole Online School is proud to offer an advanced English course for everyone, who wants to improve their fluency and vocabulary. Our course focuses on, to help students develop a deeper understanding of the structure and mechanics of language, and improve pronunciation. Under the guidance of our experienced teachers, the focus will be on more complex grammar and tenses, phraseological verbs, as well as touching on business English. Learning at Ecole Online School Helps Students Make Greater Progress in English, while enjoying the activity.

Our Online Advanced English Course – the best solution for those, who want to take their language skills to the next level. Our comprehensive program covers a wide range of topics, from grammar and vocabulary to written and oral communication, so you can become a confident English speaker. We also offer a variety of audio- and video materials, specially designed for, to help you quickly understand, how native English speakers use the language in everyday life, as well as interactive tasks, which will allow you to practice your new skills in a fun and exciting way.

In addition to the emphasis on real-world communication, our course also prepares students for the success of standardized tests, including TOEFL и IELTS. Under the guidance of our experienced teachers, you will learn strategies, needed to quickly understand difficult questions and score higher on these exams. You will also receive individual feedback from teachers, To make sure, that your skills are constantly evolving.

Why at the initial stage it is better to study with a Ukrainian teacher, not with a carrier?

It's best to study with our teacher first., not with a native speaker, for several reasons.

Firstly, our teacher has knowledge and experience in teaching English as a second language. It means, what exactly does he know, how to explain various topics in English so that the student understands.

At the initial stage, when you are just starting to learn english, studying grammar with a native speaker, for example, may take much longer, than if our teacher explained it to you. Since he can better pick up the words in your language, so that you quickly understand and immediately begin to apply new material. Our teacher also knows the specific problems, faced by foreign students when learning English, and can adjust the material accordingly.

Classes with a native speaker, on the other side, may be useful in terms of perception of authentic phrases or conversational style; however, this may not be as efficient, because the, probably, there will be significant differences between the level of understanding or pronunciation of a student and a native speaker, which hinders his progress. Anyway, you can always supplement your studies with a native speaker or bilingual teachers, to make this discrepancy less obvious, but at the same time we could use their understanding of slang, idiomatic expressions, etc..

Why online English courses are popular?

Knowledge of English has long been from the category of "desired skills" and has become a necessity. In this case, there is a way out - online English courses for adults! With our help, you can learn English from scratch or improve your knowledge of the language.

Thanks to, that English courses take place online, you are not limited by your locality and can study English from anywhere in the world..

The schedule is compiled taking into account the wishes of each student. And that's one of the reasons, why groups do not recruit more than 4 people. Two classes per week are enough to solve the tasks., each of which lasts 60 minutes. At the same time, teachers remain in touch, supports and can answer all your questions.

What are the advantages of online English courses?

Convenience and flexibility

One of the biggest benefits of online English courses – it's a convenience. You don't have to go anywhere, just open your laptop or turn on your phone and join the classes. It also means, that you can fit the study of English into your schedule and study at any time convenient for you.

Fun learning experience

Our online course contains various interactive exercises, which makes it very exciting. Because technology is constantly evolving, our teachers are constantly using new ways to incorporate visuals, audio recordings, video, games and quizzes in every lesson, to keep students engaged and motivated throughout the course. Same, in our online course, teachers give feedback on each assignment.

Saving money

Expenses, related to taking an online English course, much lower, than expenses, associated with traditional classroom learning. The cost of studying online is much lower, than face-to-face. Besides, our online course offers discounts, if you purchase a package of 2 months or more.

Learn from the best

In our school Ecole only qualified teachers, specialized in teaching English as a foreign language. These teachers have extensive experience in teaching international students from all over the world.. With access to qualified teachers, our online English course gives you the opportunity to study with maximum efficiency.

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