Italian courses online

Italian courses online

Italian courses online

Speak Italian and feel free in Italy. We will help you overcome the language barrier!

About our Italian courses

Online Italian lessons are held on Zoom, Skype or another platform that suits you. All you need is a stable internet connection to practice., installed Zoom/Skype and notebook. All materials will be sent to you by the teacher in the messenger. If you like to work with printed materials, you can print the necessary pages of the textbook for the lesson.

Textbooks will be used, personal experience of the teacher, video materials, audio and more, and you can do your homework at any convenient time, because access to materials is preserved.

We recommend exercising at least 2 times a week. This frequency allows not only to fully assimilate the material. After all, only the regular use of new knowledge helps to better assimilate the rules., grammar or a new pronunciation of Italian. Of course, the number of lessons per week can be increased depending on your progress or your goal.

Our courses – italian lessons 1 on 1 with a teacher. Why our classes are so effective?

  1. The teacher is only focused on you, your pronunciation, grammar and, certainly, mistakes. You can return to difficult or incomprehensible topics, without being distracted by other members of the group (How, for example, during group lessons).
  2. The Italian lesson program is compiled individually, according to your needs, goals and abilities.
  3. You can suggest topics for discussion, ask questions or discuss your favorite series or book. This is your time, which must be carried out not only with benefit, but also with comfort.

For that, to choose a teacher, Sign up for a trial lesson. For 60 minutes (cost 350 UAH) you can look at each other, assess the level of skill and knowledge of the teacher, and also determine how comfortable it will be with him in the future. This is the best option, which will save you money and time.

Prices for Italian courses online

Before buying a course, you can try our classes - buy a trial lesson.

Trial lesson

In a trial Italian lesson, you and your teacher:

- Get to know

- Discuss goals

- Determine your level of knowledge (if before that you studied the language)

- I, certainly, do you work out!

Lesson lasts 60 minutes, it will be like a full-time job.

350 UAH

After the trial lesson, you have to pay monthly. Here are the subscription options:


- 2 once a week

- In the group until 4 human

- lesson 60 minutes

- free materials (send online)

1800 UAH

Because of the war in Ukraine, our online groups are not recruited and we have closed the recruitment 🙁

But we continue to work in the format of individual lessons online!

Support our Ukrainian teachers and sign up soon!

8 classes

- lesson 60 minutes

- The program is fully customized for you.

- We also try to adjust the schedule to suit you.

- lessons in any service convenient for you (Zoom, Skype, GoogleMeet and others)

- free materials (send online)

3500 UAH

12 classes

- lesson 60 minutes

- The program is fully customized for you.

- We also try to adjust the schedule to suit you.

- lessons in any service convenient for you (Zoom, Skype, GoogleMeet and others)

- free materials (send online)

4990 UAH

If you don't like the trial lesson, we are in 100% money back amount. Purchased subscription fees are non-refundable..

How to motivate yourself to study Italian regularly?

One of the most important and effective motivations can be considered money.. We pay monthly, that won't let you miss class. To do this, we recommend buying a package of several classes at once. (for example, 8 lessons - 2800 UAH), so that there is no temptation to skip or cancel an online Italian lesson.

There are other ways. For example, active integration of new information into life. You can hang stickers with difficult or difficult to pronounce words around the house, and try to repeat them regularly. Favorite series in Italian with subtitles can teach you to understand someone else's pronunciation. Or look for new Italian friends on the Internet, correspondence or communication with which will help to learn the language from the other side!

And this is only a small part of the tricks., which will help you to master such an interesting language better and faster, like italian. But without a competent teacher, this cannot be done.. So hurry up and sign up for a trial lesson in our online language school, let this be the first step towards the realization of your old dream - to speak Italian.

Can online Italian lessons replace offline lessons??

Of course, may! After all, first of all, it is necessary to pay attention to the qualifications of the teacher., on his ability to present the material and correctly assess the student's capabilities. And thanks to modern technology, all this can be done without leaving your comfort zone..

Benefits of learning Italian online:

  1. You are no longer tied to one place., or you can travel freely and not lose progress in learning Italian.
  2. You are not limited by teachers, who live in your city. You can work with the best of the best, living far from major cities and capitals.
  3. You can record the lesson and then review it again and repeat the necessary material.
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