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Speak German by learning it online (on Zoom, Skype, GoogleMeet)

German courses online

There is nothing more convenient, than online German courses at school Ecole. This is exactly the kind of training., which suits everyone! You haven't tried yet? Or you just don't know all the benefits? Now is the perfect opportunity to fix it.. Learning German online is suitable for learners of all skill levels. There are German classes for beginners, and, certainly, for those, who wants to level up.

Who conducts the classes?

Only experienced teachers with a level of knowledge not lower than C1. Our school will be happy to help you learn German from scratch.

Classes are held on Zoom. You can choose individual or group lessons (no more than 4 people in a group). Each option has its own advantages and disadvantages, so the student makes his own choice.

Why is it convenient to study online?

  1. German courses online save you time. You can schedule a lesson in the morning and wake up for 15 minutes before it starts. Or arrange with the teacher at the end of the working day and take a German lesson via Zoom/Skype from the office. For those, who values ​​their time and is not ready to spend it on the road is a huge plus!
  2. The cost of classes in this format is significantly lower. After all, the teacher does not spend money on renting a room., utility bills and travel. He can teach from home, so you only have to pay for his time, experience and knowledge.
  3. And this is a great solution if you constantly move or are on business trips..

Prices for German courses

Before buying a course, you can try our classes - buy a trial lesson.

Trial lesson

At a trial German lesson, you and your teacher:

- Get to know

- Discuss goals

- Determine your level of knowledge (if before that you studied the language)

- I, certainly, do you work out!

Lesson lasts 60 minutes, it will be like a full-time job.

350 UAH

After the trial lesson, you have to pay monthly. Here are the subscription options:


- 2 once a week

- In the group until 4 human

- lesson 60 minutes

- free materials (send online)

1800 UAH

Because of the war in Ukraine, our online groups are not recruited and we have closed the recruitment 🙁

But we continue to work in the format of individual lessons online!

Support our Ukrainian teachers and sign up soon!

8 classes

- lesson 60 minutes

- The program is fully customized for you.

- We also try to adjust the schedule to suit you.

- lessons in any service convenient for you (Zoom, Skype, GoogleMeet and others)

- free materials (send online)

3500 UAH

12 classes

- lesson 60 minutes

- The program is fully customized for you.

- We also try to adjust the schedule to suit you.

- lessons in any service convenient for you (Zoom, Skype, GoogleMeet and others)

- free materials (send online)

4990 UAH

If you don't like the trial lesson, we are in 100% money back amount.

How often do you need to study German?

Of course, much depends on the purpose, put in front of the student, from his perseverance and self-control. But we advise you to start with 2 lessons per week.

What to choose: group or individual approach?

You can learn German as one-on-one with a tutor, as well as in the group. Each of these formats has a number of advantages and disadvantages.. Let's take a look at them from all angles.:

Individual German lessons online allow you to:

  • adjust the program to the needs and abilities of one particular student. Not a clear topic? Let's spend on it 2 lesson. In a group, this is not always the case.;
  • choose the most convenient time, not adapting to other students;
  • continuous communication with the teacher and more speaking practice;
  • you can suggest your own topic for study, dwell on something important.

If you want to learn German from scratch in a group, Can:

  • interact between group members, debate, make new friends;
  • easier and easier to overcome the language barrier;
  • learn from others' mistakes;
  • save some money on tuition, Group lessons are always cheaper than individual lessons..

Now it is possible to enroll in German courses online not only in large cities, where there are large training centers. This format allows you to find an experienced and qualified teacher., not limited to your own city. All materials necessary for study are provided in electronic form., they can be downloaded.

Not yet convinced of the effectiveness of German courses online? Then sign up for a trial lesson.!


Feedback from our students about German courses at Ecole

Do I need classes with a teacher or can I learn German on my own??

Definitely, needed. You can’t see and quickly correct your mistakes on your own, monitor the correctness of speech, and create an effective training program. German lessons will help:

  1. Solve the problem quickly and efficiently.
  2. Take lessons responsibly and disciplined.
  3. Understand the real level of basic training.

You can also discuss interesting topics with the teacher., latest news or favorite movie. And everything is in German!

All you need is a stable internet connection and a computer/phone, where can I install one of the programs (Skype, Zoom, Viber, Telegram). All study materials are provided, and thanks to the screen sharing function, the teacher can easily take tests or play educational games in German with you.

No more barriers, need to start taking action!

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